Homevisits 2

Where am I? All I remember was stepping into a closet, before everything faded to black.   Everything’s so blurry… Wait, where am I? Am I… in another closet? What’s this? -rumble- I need some food, soon. And a restroom! There should be one around here, somewhere… Ah, I was right!   I wonder who […]


In my previous post, I mentioned a thread on SLU with the places of SLUers. I visited another today, and guess where I went? No other than Ingrid Ingersoll’s place! I visited the place in the first picture, which would be Under the Bridge in Nailsworth (?). First of all… I loved this place! It […]

Mission Terrific

For a first post, I hope this won’t be so bad. After participating in a thread on SLU, I decided to start off my very first post here with a fun little showcase.  I slipped on a catsuit (with mismatched boots) and headed to proceed on “Mission Terrific”… Intruder spotted in the library of the […]