Mission Terrific

For a first post, I hope this won’t be so bad. After participating in a thread on SLU, I decided to start off my very first post here with a fun little showcase. 

I slipped on a catsuit (with mismatched boots) and headed to proceed on “Mission Terrific”…


Intruder spotted in the library of the intelligence headquarters: About 5’9″, light blonde hair, wearing a dark catsuit and light blue-grey boots. Suspected to be stealing the intelligence from the board. Alert all bots – I repeat, alert, all bots!

-What’s this? It’s a decoy? Where is she, where is she, I ask!?

-Sir, Camera three – look.


The staircase! All bots to head to the staircase – AT FULL SPEED! Do not stop until you have eliminated the subject…

Well, well, well… what do we have here?

– A penetrable fortress?

– …You!


– You! What is your mission here?!

– Take a few slips of paper, document my life while I’m at it… What do you think? Even if you do kill me, this story will make it all the way back onto Earth, to my people…

– DON’T YOU RUN! Attention all bots, attention! Subject headed towards the south corridor – corner her!

That will take care of you, you pathetic fool – 

– Subject eliminated. 

That was quick…



What was that?! Could it be – ARRRRRRRGH!

“It’s not that easy to die, silly billy.”

Alright, that’s enough. Tara is by no means dead or dying. She’s living a fulfilling Second Life at the moment 😉

The photographs were taken at Victor1st’s TARDIS , be sure to check it out!


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