Homevisits 2

Where am I? All I remember was stepping into a closet, before everything faded to black.



Everything’s so blurry… Wait, where am I? Am I… in another closet? What’s this?


I need some food, soon. And a restroom! There should be one around here, somewhere…

Ah, I was right!



I wonder who lives here. There probably should be a dog around here, too, given the state of this room. I hope it’s a playful, kind little puppy… One that wouldn’t bite me if it saw me!



I wonder what’s upstairs… I hope there’s a way back to where I came from!

Oh, there is a little doggy after all!



I’m so tired, I wish I could go home. I probably should get some rest first, though… Ah, here’s a nice little comfortable bed – I think I can sleep in it… It’s so soft, so warm… I wonder….




Alright, that’s all folks! We’ll get Tara speedily flown back to wherever she came from whilst she sleeps.



These were taken at Jack Belvedere’s place! I liked the homely, simplistic style of it all. To quote, he said that “Anyone’s free to drop by any time” so… do check it out!


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