Long time no see, guys!

I’ve actually gone shopping, for the first time in forever. I got a new skin and new hair so far, but hey, it’s not bad. 

Also, Iresta and I decided to make the new group-house our “Hob-House”, or rather, the hobo house. It’s been our joke forever how we’ve all been hobos, but now that we’ve got a house, technically, we aren’t hobos anymore, right?

ImageOkay, let’s admit it. Iresta is gorgeous. (So am I, actually.)

I’ve decided that… maybe, I’m going to try out RP for real. Here’s my character bio, so far:

Name: Tara “TR” Eliyn Lee 
Age: 22 
Hair: Dark Ginger
Eyes: Blue-green
Race: Part(?) Asian

Born to an unhappy young couple in a small town, a happy life was out of the question for Tara. Her father died young, leaving her under the care of her bitter mother – who soon left her at the tender age of eight for better prospects. She was soon transferred under the care of a resort owner and his wife, and it was there that she was educated by them. Just about set to become the successor of the resort, Tara meets a young man – who charms her with his beauty and words. Without any doubt, the young girl soon falls in love with him, only to find the man dead one day, alongside the owner and his wife, with all the money gone and the resort in disarray. Without anyone else to depend on, she packs her bags and flees the town, uncertain of where to go – that is, until she falls asleep on the train and wakes up, only to find herself somewhere she never expected to be in.From a young age, TR lived a rather lonely life. Her father never was there for nearly all of her childhood, and her mother was often bitter and dismissive of her. Often craving friends, she retreated into the world of her own imagination to keep herself happy, and still does so even at the age of 22. In her unhappy childhood, she tried endlessly to please her mother, to make her mother be happy and like her – and gives everything her hundred percent to do so. This tick of hers would show up frequently in her later life. At times, she displays a lack of self-confidence and awareness – after all, inheriting her mother’s dark ginger hair wasn’t exactly the best thing for many to compliment her about, and neither would the fact that the people that she held closest to her heart left her painfully help that.

Hm. I don’t exactly know how to RP, but I guess I’ll pick it up as I go along.

With that… Bye!


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